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To become an applicant, it is necessary to meet the requirements described in the Self-Certification Worksheet and to submit your worksheet online. Specific requirements for this program may be viewed by printing a copy of the ICEP document. Only qualified applicants will be able to complete and submit this worksheet online.

The Self-Certification Worksheet specifies expectations for attendance at all the types of training opportunities Mary Burmeister Jin Shin Jyutsu Institute offers as well as expectations for your professional practice, study group involvement, self-help class instruction, and articles you have written about Jin Shin Jyutsu. Each expectation is reduced to a rating which generates a score. This is simply a method for us to initially assess your background. If you are selected as a possible candidate, there will be an opportunity to present yourself on a more extensive and personal level.

In addition, you are asked to make several agreements that are designed to avert any misunderstanding of requirements for being successful in the evaluation program and its final selection stages. Finally, the worksheet asks you to identify a faculty member as your sponsor. Your sponsor is a person who is able to assert that you are an excellent consideration for the Instructor Candidate Evaluation Program, can be expected to successfully complete the evaluation program, and very likely to become a fine instructor. Note that the worksheet asks that you not approach a faculty member until you have qualified on the assessments in the Self-Certification Worksheet.

When you have met the requirements, you may submit your competed Self-Certification Worksheet online. Please note that this is a self-certifying process. Personal integrity is the hallmark of our faculty. We count on that, from you, as you begin this journey.

When To Apply?

When your Self-Certification Worksheet has been submitted online and its accuracy confirmed by the Scottsdale office, you become an applicant. At that point, we encourage you to begin preparing your responses to the questions listed on the Candidate Application Worksheet. Do not, however, submit this information to the director or ICEP administrator until it is requested from you.
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